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TomoeArts is 10 years old!
Help vault us into the next ten by donating $10 (or a multiple of $10) to our 10 for 10 campaign.

We're raising money to prepare for our many upcoming projects: a full-length kabuki dance play, roundtables on redefining what "contemporary" means to dance, and a new work based on the character of Lady Macbeth. Be part of our future!

And here's a bit of what we've done in the past 10 years...

chamber opera combining noh and western classical music, traditional Japanese dance in parks, contemporary dance-theatre in art galleries, classes in kabuki movement and dance, Japanese festival dance inspired performances with hand-held projectors and umbrellas in rainy city streets, kabuki dance concerts featuring master artists from Japan, intimate dances in kimono for special events, concerts of voice and music, magical theatre of image and sound, and much more.

And here's some of what they've said...

"Vancouver's TomoeArts uses a whirling mix of Japanese dance, music, and projected visuals to conjure the otherworldly."

"...from complex and serious with a touch of magic and ritual, to the mundane and relatable, the comic, the human."

"Remarkable and enriching."

"I was literally floored by the performances."

"Fabulous, deep, exquisite, detailed, heartfelt, intellectual. . . "

"A visual and aural extravaganza."

"... a beautiful story, engaging music, and a production that will make you rethink what opera can be. "

"More please!"

Join us...