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EN3: Community Circles - July 5-6, 2013

  • Performances: July 5 & 6, 2013; after sunset
  • in various spots throughout the Vancouver Chinatown Night Market
  • Part of the Dancing on the Edge Festival 2013

  • Choreography & Performance: Colleen Lanki
  • Composition & Performance: Eien Hunter-Ishikawa
  • Technical Assistance: Craig Alfredson
  • Costume design: Yulia Stern
  • Photographs: of members of the Night Market community

  • EN3 can be performed at any public gathering, using photos of that specific audience and community.

"EN" in Japanese can mean "circle" or "fate" depending on how it is written. In this piece the two are connected...

EN3: Community Circles is the third version of our "EN" series. It is a 10-minute, site-specific performance featuring a solo dancer, a single taiko musician and images projected onto one of our wonderful white umbrellas. EN3: community circles is an adaptation of our July 2011 performance EN: a raincity street dance recreated for the 2013 Dancing on the Edge Festival focusing on the audience and immediate community members of the Chinatown Night Market in Vancouver. It is about the interconnectedness of lives, relationships, and the importance of community.

EN3: Community Circles combines Japanese classical dance influenced movement, an original live music featuring taiko and bamboo flute, and projected photographs of people in the community - in this case members of the Vancouver Chinatown Night Market. We performed in a variety of spaces in the market - chosen each each night based on accessibility, sound, crowds and perhaps even what other events were going on. As the taiko began to sound people at the market took notice, came closer and watched the performance. Audience members would recognize some of the faces projected on the umbrellas - watching faces of the vendors and Night Market staff and volunteers dancing along as faces on the umbrellas. EN3 celebrates community, the gathering of people in the heart of our city, and reminds us to dance!

all production photos are stills from video footage by Travis Stewart

EN3: Community Circles VIDEO
EN3: Community Circles PHOTOS


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